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Storage Auctions

Storage Lien Sales are part of the storage industry. As many have seen on television these lien sales have become quite popular, especially with the possibility of scoring big on a unit purchased at auction. So if you're interested in checking out what all the hype is about, come check us out!

Rules and Requirements

  • Storage Auctions are open "Outcry" bidding style, meaning the auctioneer will call out the bids and buyers confirm increases by verbal, visual, or written means.
  • Units are sold as a whole. Items inside cannot be touched and no one is allowed to enter the unit.
  • The unit will be opened at the time of auction, everyone will have a few moments to look over the unit before bidding starts.
  • Minimum bid will start at the auctioneers discretion unless a bid is placed on shelf, meaning a buyer is starting at that amount and has the highest bid.
  • Units must be emptied within 48 hours of purchase unless other arrangements are made.

Winning Bid

  • Winning bidders are responsible for immediate payment via Cash or Credit/Debit Card (Charge cards are subject to a 3% convenience fee).
  • Winning bidders must put down an agreed upon clean-out deposit.
  • Winning bidders must provide their own lock and take sole responsibility for securing the unit(s).
  • Winning bidders MUST completely vacate and sweep clean the unit.
  • Winning bidders are responsible for notifying landlord when the unit is empty.

*Violation of any of the above forfeits the clean out deposit and loses future bidding rights.*



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