Our Top Ten Tips for Packing Everything!

Our Top Ten Tips for Packing Everything!

From the very moment the thought of moving even comes into your mind it is non-stop stressing over every detail. Deciding where to move, setting a budget, picking a house, finding financing, packing, the list goes on and on and may seem like it’s never going to stop. Then when you can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel, you go to bust out your coffee maker and realize it wasn’t packed correctly and it’s shattered in to what seems like a million pieces. When you’re getting toward the end of packing, you may find yourself just throwing items wherever they fit. The issue with this? The last items you pack are the ones you use the most, like small kitchen appliances or lamps (because light is important). That means the stuff that you need most is the most likely to get damaged. But how do we avoid this? Here are some of our go-to tips for packing up your home!

  1. We know it may seem like a great budget saver, but using “hand-me-down” boxes can make your life a lot harder. Because they’ve already embarked on a moving journey, they are going to be weaker and more likely to fall apart. Using mismatched boxes can also make it more difficult to pack into a moving truck. Ever wonder why when you order a small cup from a large online retailer it comes in a giant box? This practice helps keep the truck organized and loaded evenly. While this may not seem like the most eco-friendly option, tighter packed trucks mean less trucks on the road. Using brand new boxes makes loading the truck easier and prevents the boxes from ripping.
  2. Start packing as soon as you decide to move. Chances are you have even just an inkling that you are moving months in advance. Start packing out of season and infrequently used items immediately and move them to storage if possible. Our portable storage units are a great option for keeping your valuables accessible but still out of the way. Getting excess clutter out of your home makes packing a little less overwhelming. 
  3. Keep your essentials with you in a personal vehicle. While we take great care of your belongings, delays due to weather or other unforeseen events can happen. Keeping your essentials and most valuable belongings with you means they are ready and accessible whenever you need them! 
  4. Just like you wouldn’t bag a loaf of bread under soup cans at the grocery store, pack heavier items like books first and lighter items like board games last. This not only prevents damage, but also makes lifting and stacking boxes easier. 
  5. Don’t leave open spaces in boxes. While it may feel weird to pack something like clothes or towels in with your silverware, using small soft items to fill gaps keeps items from shifting and getting damaged. 
  6. While this may contradict tip 5, don’t pack items from different rooms in the same boxes. This means don’t put your board games in with your silverware. While this won’t affect packing or loading, it will make unpacking extremely stressful. 
  7. Tape, tape, and more tape. Double and triple check that boxes are taped properly. Tape is definitely something you want to splurge on to make sure your valuables are secure.  
  8. When moving large glass items like the top of a table or wall art, make an “X” with masking tape across the surface. This not only helps strengthen the glass but also prevents glass from going everywhere in the event that it shatters. 
  9. Go through your belongings and purge anything you do not need before you begin packing. If you attempt to separate items you’re moving and items you’re donating at the same time there is a better chance for boxes to get confused and you may end up donating items you meant to move. This also helps declutter and keeps you from getting overwhelmed during the packing process. 
  10. Purchase quality TV boxes. Many movers will not load TVs that are not properly packed because of their vulnerability. Specific TV and artwork boxes are made with two padded layers and filled with foam or paper to prevent damage. 
  11. Our last tip? Hire a professional company to do all the hard work for you! 

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