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Climate-Controlled Storage Facility in Lake Geneva

MACS Climate Controlled Storage Facility is located at 901 Maxwell Street, Lake Geneva,WI.

We are proud to offer our clients a climate controlled storage solution they can trust. Our facility is maintained at the right temperatures to ensure an ideal environment for storing valuables like electronics, artwork, instruments, wood & leather furniture, and household appliances. Standard self-storage units leave your stored contents exposed to the freezing temps of winter and humidity of summer. Make sure your valuables are safe and free of damage by choosing climate-controlled storage.

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If you’re thinking about climate-controlled storage, make sure you choose a facility that is TRULY climate controlled – like MACS. Many facilities boast climate control, but they only heat their space in the winter; neglecting the needs of your units in the summer. The humidity and heat produced by midwest summers can be just as harmful as freezing temperatures. We properly heat our Climate-Controlled Facility throughout the winter and use a centralized air-conditioning system to keep your unit at the right temperature throughout the spring, summer, and fall too.

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