Moving FAQ

I’m not staying in Wisconsin, do you move to other states?

Absolutely! We offer both local and long distance moving services! Macs Moving and Storage makes long distance moves easy and stress free (well, as stress free as possible. Moving is still awful). As soon as we know all the details of your move, we work hard to come up with a set schedule and route so that you can be confident that your belongings will arrive on time safely! 

I’m so lost on packing, what should I do?

Packing is one of the most stressful parts of moving. If you don’t know where to start we recommend checking out our blog page for some packing tips and tricks or letting Macs do the hard work and pack for you! Our packing services take some of the stress away so that you can spend less time worrying about your belongings and more time worrying about paint colors in your new home! 

I’m worried about my things, how careful is your team?

We know that you have family heirlooms, valuables, and memories stored away in your boxes. That’s why our team will treat your things better than our own! We take extra caution to ensure all of your things make it safely to your new home. 

I have big items, can you move them?

For sure! Our team is trained for almost anything whether it’s a heavy china cabinet or a massive safe. We handle everything with care, even heavy furniture. We have set procedures in place to keep everyone safe during heavy moves. 

Do I have to be there while you’re working?

Yes. We do ask that any time our team is in your home you are there as well. We are very self sufficient and capable, but questions still come up and we need someone around when we need them! Don’t worry, we work around your schedule so if a time doesn’t work for your schedule we will find a different time. 

Will the weather dictate my move?

Typically no, but Wisconsin weather can be extremely unpredictable. While we will do everything in our power to get your things to your new home, there may be a slight time delay based on road conditions. 

How big should my boxes be?

That is mostly up to you, we just ask that you try and keep each box light enough for one individual to carry on his/her own (around 50lbs or less) to keep things moving quickly. While we love working together, needing to team lift a box can slow down a move significantly. 

Can I leave clothes in my drawers?

No. We ask that all drawers are completely emptied out prior to your move. This is for a few reasons. First is that your drawers aren’t strong enough for that kind of weight during the move and second is it makes them harder for our team to move. 

How many movers will I get?

That’s different for every job. We can discuss your needs during our consultation when we schedule your move!

Storage FAQ

When can I access my unit?

When you rent a unit from us you will receive an individual code to access our gated facilities 24/7. 

Is your facility monitored?

Absolutely. We take security very seriously and have 24 hour surveillance. We also have the entire perimeter fenced in and gate only accessible by individual access codes

Why would I need a storage pod?

Storage pods are perfect for slower moves like when you’ve sold your home but haven’t found a new one quite yet. You may decide to move in with a family member or friend or use a short term rental. You can pack up your unneeded belonging into the pod to be delivered at your new home when you’re ready! 

Is your facility climate controlled?

Yes! We offer climate controlled storage and keep the temperature regulated all year round to ensure your belongings aren’t being damaged. This is beneficial for electronics, artwork, instruments, wood and leather furniture, and appliances. 

How much is one of your units?

Our prices vary based on the size of the unit. Contact us today for a quote on each unit!

Who can access my unit?

The only people that can gain access to your unit are those you give access to. Because you provide the lock that secures your unit, you are the only one who can give others access should you choose to share your key and gate code with someone you trust.

Are my items insured?

At MACs Storage, purchasing a renter’s policy is strongly encouraged and in some cases required just like you would insure a rented home or apartment. If you already have a renters policy, verify that your belongings aren’t already covered!

I locked myself out… What should I do?

If you lock yourself out of your unit (whether you locked the keys in or lost them) we ask that you contact us before trying to gain entry yourself. For obvious reasons we prefer not to have people walking about with bolt cutters and forced entry can cause costly damages to our facility.

Is there anything I can’t store in my unit?

Yes! Combustables, explosives, and harmful chemicals are not allowed, as well as weapons and any illegal contraband. We also ask that you not store large amounts of liquids as this can cause damages to not only your belongings but others as well if they begin to leak or break. Food (perishable or not) is not allowed as it can invite pests like rats, mice, and bugs. You should also ensure that anything absorbent or capable of holding moisture is completely dry to prevent mold from spreading in our units.

Am I able to live in a unit?

Absolutely not. It is illegal in the state of Wisconsin for anyone to be housed in a storage unit. 

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