Dump or Donate?

What to pass down to someone else versus send to the dump!

Getting ready to move is a great time to purge all of the useless stuff that you haven’t touched since your last move, but deciding what to keep, donate, or dump can be pretty difficult! Here’s some tips to decide where everything should go!


For starters, get rid of anything that will not fit anymore. Do not move excess clothes you do not need. We all hope to fit into those favorite pants that we can’t button again, so keep two outfits and donate the rest. If anything is ripped up or stained just toss it, if it still has a life beyond your dresser donate it to someone who can use it! T-Shirts are another item that adds up very quickly. Pick five of your favorites and purge the rest. If they have sentimental value, think about making a quilt or something else to hold onto the memories, but get them out of your dresser!

Kitchen Items

With so many small pieces and parts, kitchens can get cluttered very quickly. Ditch everything that you do not have all the pieces to whether that’s food storage containers or your old hand mixer. Just get rid of them. Any appliances you don’t use that are just taking up extra counter space can be donated to someone else who could use them!

Kid’s Items

Many parents often have the idea of “I’ll use this for the next one” and save EVERYTHING, or EVERYTHING has sentimental value. Things like pacifiers and bottles need to be tossed. Beyond taking up extra space, these things can develop bacteria over time and just get gross. Toss them. They add up, but it’s not worth it to keep them. Just like your t-shirts, keep a few important outfits like their coming home outfit and baptism outfit, but get rid of most of the unneeded clutter! Anything that is broken needs to be tossed as it can pose a problem for any child to use it, but giving unneeded toys and other baby items to different charities is a great way to give them a new life!

Extra Furniture

If you’re a shelter for all of your friends and families used and unneeded furniture, it’s time to let it go. Furniture can add a ton of time to a move. If you don’t use it on a daily basis, throw it away! If it’s still in good condition, offer it to a college student for off campus living or a basement couch!

Moving is hard enough, don’t make it even worse by bringing unnecessary clutter. Getting things out of your space will make you feel so much better and set you up for success in your new home! And if you still have extra items you just can’t pass up, check out our Lake Geneva storage options! No matter where you’re moving or how big of a job it is, trust our team at Macs Storage and Moving to get it done! Contact us today for a free quote and to schedule your move!