Five Eco Friendly Moving Tips

Moving is stressful, exhausting, and difficult both on you and the planet! With the right planning and help it doesn’t have to be! At Macs, we’re here for you even from a distance with our tips and tricks to making moving a little easier on you and the planet. Here are some eco-friendly moving tips!

1: Use your towels and light clothing instead of bubble wrap and newspaper!

Pack your dishes, decorations, and other valuables in your soft fabrics to prevent excess waist and ultimately save space!

2: Donate or sell whatever you don’t need.

Besides not filling landfills with things that could be used by someone else, it saves space so you’re not forced to use more gas because of excess weight.

3: Use recycled boxes that are still in good condition.

We love recycling whenever we can, but keep in mind that you’ll use more waste trying to tape up a severely damaged box instead of using a different box. It’s also important to try and use coordinating boxes to help pack the truck correctly so you don’t need more than one truck.

4: Pay attention to food waste.

More often than not, you know well in advance when you’re going to be moving. Be mindful when grocery shopping to not over buy, especially when you’re moving a longer distance. When it comes time to pack your kitchen, bring as much as you can with you, or donate to a local food bank instead of throwing good food away.

5: Hire professional movers.

Using a professional moving company is beneficial in many ways. We will make sure the truck is packed with purpose to prevent extra loads and unnecessary weight which uses additional gas.

At Mac’s Moving and Storage, we are here to provide you with top-rate moving and packing services to make your move a little less stressful and if we can help the only Earth we have in the process we will! Contact our amazing team of professional movers and packers in SE Wisconsin today for more information and a free quote on long distance and in town moves!