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Many homeowners in Wisconsin have gun safes, either for home protection or hunting. Since gun safes are large and heavy, moving something so bulky is no simple task, especially if you want to avoid damage to your house or the safe itself. Additionally, if done improperly, you risk injury to yourself. When you need to move a large safe in southeast Wisconsin, turn to MACS. Our professionals have a ton of safe moving experience and the resources to get the job done right.

How much your safe weighs will play the biggest role in how we prepare, move, and secure your safe in our truck. It’s important that your safe be empty when we come to move it, so remove and pack your guns or valuables separately. We’ll determine the weight of your safe by the make and model.

Most homeowners do not have the right equipment to move a safe themselves. That’s why professionals like us get the call. Our preparations and safe moving process is focused on protecting your floors, walls, and safe from damage. An inspection of the area and safe will be completed before and after your move to ensure everything is as it was before we began.

Whether we’re moving your entire house or just your safe, we will make sure it is properly loaded, so no damage occurs during transportation. You should decide where you would like the safe to go in your new home before we arrive with it so it can be unloaded efficiently and you don’t have to worry about it after we have gone.

If you’re moving and there’s a large safe involved, trust our local movers to get the job done right.

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